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If your roof needs to be repaired, you’ve come to the right place! Expert Roofing of Bergen County is a professional roofing company offering affordable-quality roof repair services.

Keeping your roof in excellent repair is the most important thing you can do to ensure your home, property, and family are safe from the elements. We can fix any roof, including shingles of all materials, metal roofs, tiles of all materials, and slate roof repairs. No job is too large or too small!

We’re Providing Quality Roof Repair Services

Expert Roofing of Bergen County performs emergency roof repairs in Hackensack, NJ and can take on projects of any size and roofing type. Our customer service guarantee backs up all projects.

Our Roof Repair Services In Hackensack, NJ

Our team can provide repairs for the following types of roofs:

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repairs

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most commonly used type of roofing for residential properties in Hackensack, NJ. With asphalt shingles, over time, they can experience blistering, curling, cracking, granule loss, mold, mildew, algae, and even missing shingles. If you have any of these or any other issues with your asphalt shingle roof, Expert Roofing of Bergen County is here to offer repair services that you can trust.

Flat Roofing Repairs

Flat roofing can be unreliable regarding harsh weather conditions and water and snow accumulation results. These problems cause damage that must be remedied with quality repairs to extend the life of your roof. At Expert Roofing of Bergen County we know what we’re doing and do it quickly so you don’t have to worry about your flat roofing. Call us today to get a custom quote.

Slate Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Slate roofing is specialized to look a certain way, so installing, repairing, and maintaining one requires expert roofers that you won’t find with every roofing company in Hackensack, NJ. Due to the specifications of slate roofs, you will want to hire a contractor with the right skill set to ensure everything is done properly to keep up the appearance and integrity of the roof. With the expertise offered at Expert Roofing of Bergen County, you will get maintenance and repair services for slate roofing that you can’t find everywhere else. Contact us to schedule your slate roof repair today.
Metal Roof Repairs

Depending on your metal roof type, it can be damaged or dented by various objects and weather conditions. Whether you are experiencing problems from a storm or looking at a panel that has begun degrading, Expert Roofing of Bergen County offers various metal roof repair services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on metal roof repairs in Hackensack, NJ

Emergency Roof Repairs

We provide 24/7 emergency roof leak repair assistance in Hackensack, NJ and pride ourselves on our fast response time. Stopping leaks in their tracks is our primary concern once we arrive, and we’ll make sure they cause no further damages inside or outside your property. We have seen it all and fixed it all, so relying on us is your best bet at getting your Hackensack, NJ, home back into top condition fast!

Why Choose Us?

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Insured

Fully licensed and insured roof installation contractors
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Commercial or Residential, we work with all roof types.
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We guarantee all of our roof repair work

Roof Repair FAQs

Roof Installation

How do I know if I need a roof repair?

Here are just a few telltale signs that you need roof repair services:

  1. Sagging: any sign of sagging of your roof means you need repairs ASAP. 
  2. Missing shingles – sometimes, a storm can blow shingles off your roof. Whether it’s just a few or many, making sure they are replaced quickly is important.
  3. Visible granular loss on asphalt composite shingles – Sometimes, this is noticeable in the granules that drip down through your gutters.
  4. Leaks –  this one may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that odd wet spots or discoloration in your ceilings may also indicate a leak that hasn’t started dripping yet.
  5. You can see light in the attic – Light coming through any part of your roof other than a skylight is a sign that you need repairs.
  6. Green on the roof – Green is an indication of moss or algae growth and means there is probably water damage or accumulation occurring.

Is it expensive to repair a roof?

Sometimes roof repairs can be costly. It may seem that a workaround or other “inexpensive” option would work, but having a licensed and insured roof contractor repair your roof is almost always the best choice. It can actually save you money in the long run by ensuring there aren’t larger issues you aren’t aware of and by stopping damage and leaks from causing more damage.

How can you tell if a roofer is scamming you?

We aren’t all skilled at roofing, so it’s important to be able to trust a roofing company. Some things that can set your mind at ease are: 

  1. Make sure the roofer is licensed and insured. 
  2. Ask for a quote that includes the cost of labor and materials
  3. Ask friends and family if they know the roofer you are thinking about using
  4. Look for Google and other reviews online
  5. Go with a company that examines your roof and can show you what needs repairing
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