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The borough of Fair Lawn, NJ is a suburb located just 12 miles from New York City. Its proximity to the city makes this neighborhood popular for commuters. The borough’s name was taken from Fairlawn, David Acker’s, a local farmer’s estate home, that was built in 1865 and later became the municipal building. This growing Bergen County community has been rated one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Fairlawn is also known for its excellent schools, safe and well-policed neighborhoods, and its convenience to commercial centers and hospitals. The town’s motto is “A great place to visit and a better place to live.” We are happy to help Fairlawn, NJ residents with all of their roofing requirements. Whether they need roof damage repaired, chimney services, new roofing, or any other service we provide, our knowledgeable team will finish the job expertly and to your total satisfaction. You can depend on Expert Roofing for professional, excellent work.


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Your home’s roof not only protects your house from the elements but also greatly enhances its appearance. This implies that your roof needs to be well-installed, durable, and suitable for your home. Expert Roofing’s experts will work with you to choose the ideal roof, and we’ll skillfully install it to withstand any weather. In the event that your roof needs maintenance, we will get it back to its original condition. We’ll perform roof inspections to make sure your roof remains in top condition. We are your go-to roofing specialists in Fairlawn, NJ, and we’ll complete the work to your satisfaction.

Roof Installation

Selecting the appropriate roofing materials for your house is just one aspect of installing a new roof. Additionally, you must ensure that your roof is installed correctly. Our crew has received the most recent training in roof installation techniques to ensure the highest level of security for your roof. We will professionally install any roofing material you choose in accordance with best practices. We are your go-to group in Fair Lawn, New Jersey if you need a new roof installed!

Roof Leak Repair

The growth of mold and severe damage to the structural integrity of your home can result from roof leaks. A weak point or other damage on your roof that prevents it from blocking off heavy rain or snowmelt is the most frequent cause of roof leaks. Leaks can also result from clogged gutters because water can back up onto your roof and eventually seep through. To get a leaky roof fixed, get in touch with a professional like Expert Roofing as soon as possible. An ignored leak has more chance of causing major, expensive repairs.

Roofing Repair

Leaks are not the only clue that your roof can be damaged. For example, missing shingles or other roof damage can allow mice or raccoons to enter your home and wreak havoc. Animals gnawing on your home’s structural elements, spreading diseases, and gnawing through your electrical wiring can seriously compromise the safety of your family. Furthermore, a poorly maintained roof will neither protect you from storms and other environmental factors nor efficiently insulate your home. At Expert Roofing, we handle a large amount of roofing repairs in response to our client’s urgent requests for assistance. We understand that these circumstances frequently cannot wait, and we will complete the task completely and promptly for our Fair Lawn residents.

Roofing Inspection

Often, it takes time to notice whether your roof requires repairs. After experiencing summer heat waves, snowstorms, rainstorms, and winter freezes—all of which are common weather patterns in Fair Lawn, New Jersey—roofs occasionally need upkeep. This is why it’s so important to get regular roofing inspections. Our professionals will check your roof to make sure all of the roofing components—such as your chimney, shingles, gutters, and shingles—are secure and fixed appropriately. If any components of your roof need to be repaired, we will advise you on the best course of action based on the severity of the issue and your financial situation. Since we always collaborate with our clients to provide a secure home!

Commercial Roofing

Because of the way the structure is attached to the building, business rooftops have unique requirements. Commercial buildings must have room and structural strength to support heavy equipment, such as central air hardware. They may also have larger components and, for example, require different smokestacks. A company that repairs roofs for commercial buildings should have extensive experience with business materials. At Expert Roofing, our team has installed and maintained commercial roofs on a range of different kinds of buildings. We are excited to help each and every one of our company clients in Fair Lawn, NJ with their roofing needs since we are knowledgeable with commercial materials.
Commercial Roofing

Siding Installation

A portion of your home’s defense from the elements, wildlife, and various external components. In addition to providing insulation for your home, properly built siding may control indoor temperature and help you avoid using too much energy to heat or cool your living area. Your home’s siding gives it a unique appearance, so be sure the material you select blends in well with the rest of the building’s exterior. For years to come, your Fair Lawn house can be safeguarded and maintained in great condition with our expert installation of siding.

Chimney Services

A chimney serves the essential function of providing a passage for toxic gases to exit your home when appliances like heaters and fireplaces are in use. If these gases are unable to disperse, they can accumulate and pose health risks over time. It is vital to ensure that your chimney is free of obstruction, allowing a clear pathway for these gases to escape, and preventing them from lingering within. To address any cleaning or repair needs your chimney may have in Fair Lawn, NJ, our team is ready to assist!

Chimney Waterproofing

Water getting inside your chimney can hinder the effective evacuation of dangerous gasses from your home. Over time, water erodes the parts of your chimney, which can cause major damage. In addition to disintegrating, this damage could invite pests into your home and serve as a breeding ground for mold. Fair Lawn frequently experiences rain, so keeping your chimney waterproofed is crucial to preserving its best use. Your chimney will always be in the best possible condition thanks to the expertise of our staff!

Gutter Installation and Repair

Gutter systems must be functional and clear in order to prevent water from entering your home and from your roof. Their main purpose is to divert rainwater and snowmelt from any part of your home or property that needs to be protected from standing water. If not, water will pool on surfaces such as your roof or the ground outside your house, where it will cause leaks, mold growth, and other major problems in addition to structural degradation. This is why it’s so important to install gutters at the correct angle and to keep them clear of debris like leaves and bird nests. Whether you need gutter repair or new gutter installation in Fair Lawn, NJ, we can help.

Skylight Installation

Skylights allow natural light to enter your home without compromising privacy. Natural light not only lifts your spirits but also lessens the need for artificial lighting. They also contribute to the control of indoor temperature, which lessens the need for your heater or air conditioner and improves the aesthetics and natural light in your home. It takes skill to install skylights, so you’ll need an experienced team. Expert Roofing’s skilled professionals are happy to help each and every one of our Fair Lawn, NJ clients install their skylights.

Masonry Services

We offer installation and repair services for brick, pavers, and other exterior home elements. The ability of your house to keep out pests, animals, and the weather can be adversely affected if the outside of it has any crumbling or damage. It will also let in heat and drafts from the outside, and any exterior flaw in your home will eventually cause its structural integrity to be compromised. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help if you want to install pavers on your property or if you notice damage to the exterior of your Fair Lawn, New Jersey home.
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